News: After Meta Lawsuit Settlement, Dreamworld to Open Pre-Orders for AR Headset

After Meta Lawsuit Settlement, Dreamworld to Open Pre-Orders for AR Headset

Now that it has buried the legal hatchet with Meta Company, augmented reality startup Dreamworld has announced plans to open up pre-orders for its Dream Glass AR headset.

Based on filings with the US District Court of Northern California on Nov. 3, Meta reached a settlement in the case, which had accused former employee Zhangyi Zhong and his new company of theft of trade secrets and confidential information. We've reached out to Meta for comment on the terms of the settlement.

At the very least, we know that Dreamworld will be allowed to continue selling Dream Glass. The untethered headset offers a 100 degree field of view with hand gesture recognition and positional tracking. Pre-orders for the mobile headset will be priced at $400.

To celebrate the settlement, Dreamworld has released a new promotional video for its headset. While the video appears to be pure computer-generated smoke and mirrors, the company is making Dream Glass available for select, in-person demonstrations, with its next public appearance slated for CES 2018 in Las Vegas in January.

In the meantime, Meta will continue its own legal defense against patent infringement claims from IP firm Genedics.

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Cover image via Dreamworld/YouTube

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