News: Meta Caters to Design Professionals with 3D CAD Support for Solidworks

Meta Caters to Design Professionals with 3D CAD Support for Solidworks

In another move that pushes Meta 2 toward becoming a legitimate workplace tool, Meta Company has partnered with Dassault Systèmes to bring augmented reality support to the latter's Solidworks 3D CAD software.

With the addition of a "Publish to Xtended Reality" feature in Solidworks, users can now export CAD models for viewing in augmented reality through a Meta 2. Converted into an altered version of the GL Transmission Format (gITF) open-source file specification, the exported file contains display states, materials, colors, animations, and 3D model hierarchy information.

While this is not from Solidworks, 3D CAD files exported from the application will support colors, materials, and animations. Image by Meta Company/YouTube

The ability to view 3D CAD drawings could make the Meta 2 more attractive to companies in architecture and manufacturing industries, enabling users to preview designs and manipulate them with hand gestures and present them to colleagues in a more natural spatial context than a 2D screen.

"Support for 3D CAD viewing is important to our customers, and for the growth of the AR market," said Joe Mikhail, chief revenue officer of Meta, in a company-issued statement. "With this new Solidworks integration, our mutual customers will drive tangible business value from their existing Solidworks models. And for our developers, this technology will enable them to create more immersive, realistic and transformative AR experiences in the blink of an eye."

3D CAD support isn't as sexy as AR gaming compatibility, but it's likely more beneficial for Meta in the company's pursuit of business customers. As a result, the addition to Meta's software arsenal gives Dell yet another arrow in its quiver with which to target potential Meta 2 enterprise buyers.

Solidworks for Meta 2 is currently only available through an invitation-only private beta, but interested parties can register with Meta to be considered for access.

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Cover image via Meta Company

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