News: Dell Becomes First PC Maker to Partner with Meta to Offer Augmented Reality Headsets

Dell Becomes First PC Maker to Partner with Meta to Offer Augmented Reality Headsets

Using the CES tech conference in Las Vegas as the launch pad, Dell has announced that it's partnering with Meta Company to offer its augmented reality headsets to business customers.

The deal makes Dell the first PC manufacturer to offer an AR headset from Meta. While Dell did not disclose which headset that would be, the Meta currently offers the Meta 2 as a development kit.

"From analyst studies ... AR is going to be a huge driving force in industry—imagine seasoned workers passing on skills of the trade to trainees from the comfort of a warm office whilst seeing what the apprentice is seeing and then pointing out areas that need attention and talking them through it," wrote Gary Radburn, the director of workstation virtualization and commercial VR and AR at Dell in a blog post. "Imagine looking at IoT [internet of things] sensors and information being displayed dynamically to show where issues could lie for troubleshooting and replacement."

Image via Meta Company

The partnership falls under Dell's Technology Partner Program, which enables hardware and software companies to test their products on Dell platforms. In turn, Dell's customers are assured of compatibility when doing business with the company's partners.

Meta has been positioning the Meta 2 as a means to transform the modern office with immersive experiences. With its wide viewing angles and interactive operating environment, the head-mounted display could eventually serve as a replacement for desktop monitors.

More details on this partnership will be unveiled at CES later this week, so keep your eyes peeled here.

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