News: Meta Appoints Chief Revenue Officer

Meta Appoints Chief Revenue Officer

Augmented reality headset and software maker Meta Company announced today board member Joe Mikhail will serve as the company's chief revenue officer.

A member of the company's board of directors since 2015, Mikhail joins Meta from Lenovo, where he was director of worldwide open innovation. He is also managing director of venture firm Moxie Capital, and, as a result, maintains mentor and advisory roles for a number of startups in Silicon Valley.

According to a company announcement, Mikhail will oversee corporate incubation, technology spinouts, and corporate venture capital programs in his new role. This means his leadership will be instrumental in spurring sales of Meta's flagship product, Meta 2, as well as bringing new technology to market and evaluating investment opportunities.

At this year's Augmented World Expo, Meta CEO (and NR50 member) Meron Gribetz demonstrated the company's new operating environment, Meta Workspace. Image by Jennifer Welsh/Next Reality

"I'm excited to join the Meta team where I believe my experience in deploying effective go-to-market strategies for disruptive technologies can further strengthen Meta's effort in getting its product to market at a large scale," said Mikhail via a news release.

A graduate of the University of California, Irvine in electrical and computer engineering, Mikhail has previously held an executive role at Flextronics (now known as Flex), where he formed a joint venture, Jamdeo, and a completed spinout of supply chain software company Elementum. Also, while at Avery Dennison, he led development and sale of software reliability company Dandem Corporation, for which he served as CEO.

Joe has proven his passion and expertise in building ecosystems and successfully taking cutting-edge technology to the market to transform a company's value. We are excited for the contribution that Joe is sure to make as part of the Meta team.

Meta began shipping the Meta 2 developer kit in last December, though, by their own admission, fulfillment has been sluggish.

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Cover image via Meta Company

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